When the Devil Knocks… The Destroyer

Week #3: The Destroyer
Key Points:
-Satan is the deceiver who attacks your mind with lies.
-Satan is the accuser who attacks your heart with accusations.
-Satan is the destroyer who attacks your will with pride.
BIG IDEA: Beware! Satan will fill you with pride until you burst.
-You may never be more vulnerable than when you are full of pride
-Humble yourself before the LORD and trust God to lift you up
-My will is most secure when it is submitted it God.
Further Conversation:
1. Whats it like to be around someone who is full of themselves? Someone who is genuinely humble? Which do you prefer? Why?
2. Read 1 Peter 5:8. If the devil moves in obvious ways…why do you think he is so successful? What does that say about us?
3. Read 1 Chronicles 21:1-8 How does pride make us more vulnerable to Satan? Why do you think David did this? How have you experienced this?
4. Read James 4:6-8a, 10. Why might God oppose the proud? Why might humility be a requirement for God’s grace? How does humility counteract pride? How does humility require trust?
5. What are you trying to do without God? Have you ever tried to use God to accomplish your will? Share a story.
6. Restate the BIG IDEA in your own words. What’s an area in your life where you need to humble yourself before God? Ask someone close to you if you have any blindspots to pride.
Daily Devotions: Go Deeper this Week
Monday – Genesis 4:1-12
Do you know what a “helicopter parent” is? This is a parent who hovers over their child incessantly, aiming to protect them from every possible hazard…real or imagined. Now that I am a parent, I understand the yearning to protect your child. There are literally potential hazards everywhere. The challenge is to teach our children to be on guard & protect themselves from harm. The LORD gives Cain this same warning. Sin is the most dangerous enemy we face…and it is crouching, eager to pounce on us. We must stay on alert and prepared, so we don’t fall prey. Unfortunately, Cain did not. He allowed his pride and anger to lead him into Sin. How about you? Where are you vulnerable? How are you staying alert & prepared? How is Sin tempting you?
Pray: Heavenly Father, i confess that I so often fall to the traps of Sin. Thank you for forgiving me. Help me stay alert & prepared.
Tuesday – Matthew 16:5-12
Yeast is what causes bread to rise. To much yeast causes bread to collapse, much like a burst balloon. In Scripture, yeast is often an analogy to sin. So as Jesus warns his disciples, we too must be careful of the sin that puffs us up. Pride is destructive. The irony is we often find ourselves filling with pride as we think we are doing good providing for ourselves. The real cure for pride is trusting in the LORD. Jesus fed 5000 & 4000…he doesn’t need us. But we need him…humility…and he invites us…love. Humility and love cleanses us of pride. Is pride a present danger for you?
Pray: Loving LORD, I need you. I can not find hope, joy, life or love apart from you. Forgive me for when I have tried. i need you.
Wednesday – Proverbs 16:18-19
Pride precedes destruction. Arrogance appears before a fall. Why do we so quickly forget these truths? Its is such a common story…repeated throughout human history. Movies, TV & books often use the vehicle of pride to lead to loss. Pride leads to destruction. But we don’t seem to get it. We even encourage & market pride. Why do you think we are so blind to pride, especially in ourselves? Where are your blindspots of pride?
Pray: Almighty God, I am not God…you are. My will is only secure when it is submitted to you. Please keep me from pride.
Thursday – Luke 22:39-46
How does someone willingly walk towards a brutal death? Most of us run from discomfort and pain. Jesus walked toward the cross, and his prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane reveals why. “Not my will but yours be done.” Jesus chose to pursue God’s will, not his own. Jesus chose to submit in full obedience to God, trusting that God would protect and provide for him. On the cross, Jesus’ choice sure looked like a big mistake. But the empty grave three days later proved Jesus obedient and God worthy of our trust. How about you? Whose “will” will you pursue? Can you pray like Jesus, “Not my will but yours be done” and mean it?
Pray: Everlasting LORD, not my will but yours be done. I want this to be my prayer and I want to mean it. Your will be done!
Friday – Philippians 2:5-11
“Not my will but yours be done!” How can someone really pray that prayer to God knowing that it would lead to a painful, brutal death? The only way anyone, including Jesus, can pray that prayer is with perfect faith & trust. Jesus had to trust God. Jesus had to believe that God know what was best for him…even when it didn’t make sense and he didn’t want it. Much like my children when I have to medicate their wound…they don’t like it. It hurts. But there is a level of trust that the pain they feel from what I am doing will ultimately lead to their well-being. Paul captures the rich reward of Jesus’s obedience. God raised Jesus to the highest place. What about us? Is our attitude the same as Christ Jesus? Can we trust God and walk forward in obedience…no matter the price or pain? What holds you back? What might we be missing when we don’t trust God and pursue our will instead?
Pray: Jesus Christ, my LORD and Savior, I want to have the same attitude as you. I follow you! You trusted God fully. I will too!
Saturday – Revelation 20:7-21:7
We know how this story ends! In the midst of battle, when Satan attacks, it can feel as if we are losing everything. But we know how this story ends. We fight from victory, not for victory. Jesus has won the war. He has secured our eternity with him. Trust in the LORD and believe that in Christ you are truly secure!
Pray: LORD Jesus, you have won the victory! Satan, though cunning, is ultimately powerless against you! I trust in you!