When the Devil Knocks…The Deceiver

Week #1: The Deceiver
He’s mastered shame and trademarked embarrassment. His lies wound and his accusations sting. He’ll build up your pride just to throw you down. Yes, the devil is strong, but there’s one power he can’t beat—and it’s on your side. Learn how to answer When the Devil Knocks.
Key Points:
-Satan is the destroyer who attacks your will with pride.
-Satan is the accuser who attacks your heart with accusations.
-Satan is the deceiver who attacks your mind with lies. 
BIG IDEA: Don’t let the devil’s deceit lead to your defeat.
-The deceiver questions the word of God…making it easier for us to dismiss the love of God.
-The deceiver twists the word of God…making it easier for us to disobey the will of God.
-Knowing the word of God makes it easier to defeat the deceiver.
Further Conversation:
1. Growing up, what did you believe about the devil?
2. Read Genesis 3:1-6 What underlying schemes was the devil up too? Why do you think Eve (and Adam) gave in so easily?
3. “When you start to question the goodness of God, it’s easier to disobey the will of God.” How can you relate to the statement?
4. What are some ways the enemy tries to lie to you and your family? When are you most vulnerable to these attacks?
5. Read Ephesians 6:10-17 What biblical truths can you use, or do you use, to combat the enemy’s lies?
6. Read Revelation 1:14-16 What might change about your faith if you started seeing Jesus this way?
7. Restate the BIG IDEA in your own words. What are some next steps you can take to arm yourself against the devil’s deceit? Who will you ask to help you with this next step?
Daily Devotions: Go Deeper this Week
Monday – John 8:31-59
Honestly, its not surprising that the religious authorities wanted to kill Jesus. Jesus challenged them boldly. He literally called them all satan’s kids. Look at vs 44. They saw themselves as children of God. Genetically, they descended from Abraham so therefore, the were God’s chosen people…God’s kids. But Jesus turns that family tree upside down. Jesus insists that we do the will of our father. That our true father (the one we follow) is easily recognizable by how we chose to live. Jesus threw genetics out and emphasized action. What we do shows whose we are. So, who is your father? Look at your actions. What might Jesus say?
Pray: LORD Jesus, I want to truly be a child of God. I want my actions to speak of my allegiance and commitment to you!
Tuesday – John 8:44
Everyone recognizes a thick accent. It reveals where we are from. Linguists have named the Pittsburgh accent as one of the most unique across the globe. (Haha, My wife just thought I had a speech impediment.) Satan also has an equally identifiable accent. Satan speaks in lies. A lie is his native language. But the challenge with a lie is that it always carries enough truth to sow confusion. So, its not always easy to pick out Satan’s lies in someone else. But it is easy to see it in yourself. When you lie you speak his language. Are you holding onto lies…and Satan?
Pray: Loving LORD, please forgive me when I speak Satan’s native language of lies. May my mouth and heart be pure!
Wednesday – Ephesians 6:10-17
Our image of a well-equipped solider has changed over the centuries. Today, we picture body armor, camo, and machine guns. But Paul paints a word picture of a well-prepared soldier for the first century. Using that uniform, he reminds us that we too are in a battle. Work your way through the Christian solider’s equipment. Notice how truth holds it all together (the belt). But also notice the only offensive weapon. We are sitting ducks with our the sword. How well do you swing the sword of the Spirit, Gods word? Have you put it in your heart (memorized it)?
Pray: Jesus Christ, my LORD and Savior, don’t let me ignore the battle that wages in the spiritual realm. Help me prepare!
Thursday – Matthew 4:1-4
I can’t wait until August when football and training camp begin. Im a huge fan. Training camp is the right of passage every player must go through to prepare them for the grueling seas that lies ahead. Jesus went through a similar experience. Before starting his ministry, he went into the wilderness to be tempted. 40 days he went without food. He pushed himself physically. And at his lowest, weakest point, Satan comes to try and trick Jesus into quitting before his ministry even began. Look at how Satan moved…he used Jesus’ hunger and weakness against him But how did Jesus respond? He fought back Satan with the word of God. No matter how weak we may be, the word of God can defeat you agains the enemy’s attacks. How are you handling the bible?
Pray: Almighty God, remind me through your word how desperately I need every word that flows from your mouth!
Friday – Matthew 4:5-7
Satan sure is crafty. Jesus bested Satan in round one. But Jesus is still weak.  In this moment of weakness Satan offers Jesus a test. Twisting God’s word, Satan encourages Jesus to verify his faith. How often do we wish we had tangible proof. But verified faith is really no faith. Faith requires uncertainty and trust. Jesus sees the deceit of Satan and refuses to be defeated. How about you? How are you exercising faith without requiring proof? How is God’s word protecting you?
Pray: Heavenly Father, please keep me from temptation and protect me from the evil one.
Saturday – Matthew 4:8-11
At last, Satan reveals his ultimate goal and his final plan. Satan turns to God incarnate and says “worship me.” Satan wanted God to worship him. Isn’t that our greatest guilt…we want to be God rather than worship God. We wouldn’t even mind is God maybe started coming to us for advice as we guide the universe. This is Satan’s ploy…get us to worship the wrong God…be it him, ourselves or someone else. May we not worship the created but only the creator.
Pray: LORD Jesus, help me devote myself fully to you and your truth. You are God, and I am not! May I never get those wrong!