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Finding Rhythm -- by Pastor Burt

Things are happening at Christ Church!

School is starting and things are starting to find their rhythm. Fall is coming soon and there will be lots happening around the church. What you ask?? Well, let me tell you … no wait! We are having a town hall this Sunday and I’ll be sharing some of the wonderful things that have happened and will happen. We will also get a financial snapshot and some updates about some of the things trustees are working on and planning to do.

The Core Sermon Series

I have been enjoying “The Core” sermon series and I hope that you have. It will run through the 11th of September. Still to come in that series are: “What is Atonement, and Why is it Important?” “Bodily Resurrection: For Just Jesus or All of Us?” and “Will Christ Return?”

“Dessert with Burt”

I have had two “Desserts with Burt” and have one more currently scheduled. Andrea Newton who is coordinating these for us is working on a few more. I would like everyone to come to one and we will add as many as we need to accomplish this. What is “Dessert with Burt” you ask? It’s a time for you and I to get to know one another, for me to hear a little of your story as it relates to Christ Church, and for me to ask you about your hopes and dreams about what Jesus Christ has done and will do among and through this congregation. If you have not been to one yet, signups are coming soon!

Social Media

On another note, I need friends. Friends on Facebook. I’ll be posting some things on my timeline and on the church’s page, sometimes on Instagram. These are extras and I know that not everyone does social media and that is ok. But if you are, hit me up with a friend request. http://www.facebook.com/jburtonw or @jburtonw on Instagram.

And if you have not liked the church’s Facebook page head on over there and “Like us”



Pastor Burt

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