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The Mystery of the Triune God -- by Pastor Burt

The current sermon series THE CORE enters its second week of six this Sunday. This week we will be looking at the biblical evidence of the Trinity. Trinity – the word we use to denote the Three Persons of God we see expressed in scripture: the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, though “Trinity” the word is not from scripture.

Trinity is one of the essential doctrines/beliefs that identify us as Christians. We recognize that God is Three Persons and is yet One God. It is a mind-bending concept that conveys an essential truth about the God of the Universe. A faith concept that proves that our minds cannot comprehend the fullness of God. Yet we know that God is Three, and Sunday, I’ll attempt to explain what scripture teaches us about this awesome God who is both three and one!

We will also be having Communion Sunday, our first opportunity to share this vital sacrament!

Still upcoming in THE CORE (in order) are “Jesus, God’s Son?” “What is Atonement, and why is it important?” “Bodily Resurrection: For just Jesus or All of Us?” and “Will Christ Return?”

Don’t miss out!

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