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The Unmerited Love of God -- by Pastor Burt

Updated: Sep 28

Grace is the unmerited love of God! That is a simple statement, right? God loves us even though we did nothing to earn His love, and we did nothing to merit his mercy. The plain truth is that God loves humans; he created us in His image and loves us beyond measure. There is simply nothing that we can do to make God not love us. We pronounce this even as we confess our sinfulness in our communion liturgy in the prayer of confession when we say to God: “When our love failed, and we turned away, Your love remained steadfast.” This is the Grace we talked about last Sunday, which we call Prevenient Grace.

This upcoming Sunday (September 25th), we will examine the Grace we refer to as Justifying Grace. That Grace, which is always available to us, but we must accept it for ourselves to make it active in our lives. Justifying Grace is God stripping away the penalty of sin and counting us who are unrighteous as righteous because of Jesus’s work of sacrifice on our behalf upon the cross. We will again be looking at 1 John 4:10-19 as our primary text. I invite you to look particularly at verses 10 and 17 this week, and we examine God’s Justifying Grace.

As a word of personal privilege, this Sunday, September 25th, marks the 29th year since that blessed Saturday afternoon when Sharon and I committed ourselves to one another in the bonds of Christian Marriage. When you see her this Sunday, congratulate her on her undying patience and understanding in this relationship.


Pastor Burt

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