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It is a great week to say Thanks for all that God has given to us as tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day!

So, I thought I would make a list of the things for which I am thankful to God!

1. Jesus Christ – My Lord and Savior

2. My Family: Wife, Children, Mother, Brother and all the rest!

3. The Church at large

4. Christ Church

5. Good friends

6. My country

7. My childhood

8. My education

9. The gifts/talents God has given me.

10. My vocation as a pastor

11. A great staff to work with

12. And wonderful volunteer leaders at the church

13. My dogs: Bear, Christmas (Chrissy), and Diesel and my grand-dogs

14. Good food

15. Good health (generally)

16. A good life

That’s the short list and I pray in deep gratitude to God for all this and all of you!


Burt Williams

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