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Stewards of the Gospel

We will be continuing the current series “We are Stewards of:” through October 30th. This week we will address how not only have we been given the scriptures for instruction and reproof, but how we are to be stewards of the scripture by reading, studying, and teaching them, and by writing them on our hearts we thereby live out our faith. We will

look to Second Timothy and the instructions given by Paul to the young apostle and pastor who he had mentored and considered a son and successor. We also remember that one of the missions given to the Methodist Movement from the beginning by God through John Wesley was to “Spread Scriptural Holiness throughout the Land”.

This Sunday the Praise Band returns to worship. We welcome Brandy Mathis to our staff as the Modern Worship Leader! Brandy is a long-time resident of Gastonia and has been playing and singing most of her life. Her husband Roger is the pastor of Unity Baptist here in town where Brandy has been a part of the worship team for many years. Brandy has been leading our Praise Band since the beginning of this month in practice and I think you will really enjoy the blend of voices, instrumental support and the joyful spirit Brandy brings to us. The praise team could also use more instrumentation of guitar, drums, and keyboards in addition to Lee and Brandy. Brandy is also a music instructor so if you want to be a part of the team, let her know!

We invite you to help us pick a name for the band by submitting suggestions. If your suggestion is picked by the band, you will receive a $25 dollar gift card. Click here to submit via Google Forms or we will have paper forms and a box in the Narthex.

We have completed the tree work on the church campus, this work removed several dead trees that were hazards and cleaned up the undergrowth behind the garage and Family Life Center. Thanks to our trustees and Jernigan Tree Experts for leading this effort. Also, the dirt is still settling (literally) from the water line repair to the Scout Hut. If you notice the dirt spot in the parking lot this is where the leak was and we are allowing the dirt to be compacted by rain, gravity and tires before repairing the asphalt.

I encourage you to consider packing a shoe box for Samaritan’s Purse Ministries to be sent as part of Operation Christmas Child to children in developing countries as Christmas Gifts. These are accompanied by witnesses of Christian Faith to the children and their families. The gifts in a shoebox, many of them practical, are a sign that there are followers of Jesus who love these children though we may never meet them.

Shoe boxes are available at the church and here is a link to suggestions to fill the shoeboxes. https://sp-comm-arkfiles.s3.theark.cloud/website/pdfs/OCC/Gift-Suggestions/2021-Gift-Suggestions-PDF.pdf

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