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Pastor Appreciation Brunch and Town Hall Meeting

A carry-in brunch will be held on Sunday, October 30, at 10:30am immediately following the worship service. This brunch is in honor of Pastor Burt and his family as we celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month. For those who are able, please bring a covered dish (preferably with something to eat in it) or some other goodies you have picked up. Don't worry if you don't have time to grab something, we always have plenty.

There will be 2 baskets on the table. One basket for donations for Pastor Burt and his family (cash, gift cards, checks made out to Burt Williams, or offers to help around the parsonage). The other basket will be for cards and notes to share our appreciation to the Williams family. We will also have a "town meeting" at the luncheon, so come to hear what's been happening and what's coming up at Christ Church. It's been some time since we've had a "social" so please plan on attending and let's show our appreciation to Pastor Burt and his family!! ( If any of you would like to get "credit" for your donation, write a check to the church and mark it for "Pastor appreciation." The church will then deposit it and then write a check to Burt). Thanks in advance to all who will participate. Looking forward to getting together (and eating), getting updates on our church, and saying "thanks" to Burt for all he's done so far and for what we know he will accomplish in the future.

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