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Message From Pastor Burt -- 7/18/2022

Updated: Aug 12

Have I told you I am excited to be here at Christ Church? If not “I am excited to be at Christ as your pastor!” God is so good to send us to unexpected places that we would not pick ourselves but are the right places that fulfill the dreams he has for us.

Thank you all so much for the kind love offering to help with the moving cost! We are very appreciative of it, but even more appreciative of the warm welcome and meals as we were doing the work of moving all our positions into the parsonage!

A couple of things to note: There are a few changes to worship that started last week that I want to point out.

  • Announcements -- announcements will happen at the beginning of worship right at 9:30 via video that will feature Staff and Leadership. They will almost always be the same as the items listed here in this newsletter, unless an event is happening between Thursday when this goes out and Sunday Morning then we will exclude it from the video as it will already have happened.

  • Digital Signage -- FYI, we will shortly have some digital signage in the entryway running with the announcements and more on Sundays and hopefully other times as well. They are also currently on the back of the bulletin sheet on Sundays.

  • Automated Calls -- And perhaps if we can get the funding those that want it can receive automated calls on Thursday where the announcements are read to you, dream a little with me!

  • Lord’s Prayer -- Also, I am adding the Lord’s Prayer into the order of worship to close the prayers of the people.

We are improving our digital presence with better streaming and will be adding other things and possibly changing some platforms, such as the app and website to integrate with other tools that will make things efficient for the staff and helpful to you. Thank you, Nick, for your working with me on all this. In August we will be providing a way for you to take a selfie at church to add to our new online pictorial directory. That will help me to get to know you and be a benefit to you and I think it will be possible to provide a way for those who need them to get a print version. The print version will cost a few dollars and we will invite those who want them to donate that cost if they are able. If not, I will personally make that donation for you. Realistically, it may be September to November for that to be ready.

As you know My Mother, Brother, Sharon, and I will be embarking on a vacation that will take us to Vancouver and then to Alaska, a bucket list trip for all of us and we get to go together! Winn, my youngest who you will have met, is staying with our puppies and mowing the grass and continuing organizing the house. He will be headed off to App State to pursue a master's degree in Student Affairs Management or as it was called in my day “Student Life”. Sharon, Mom, and I welcome the possibility of some sense of routine when we return on August 2nd. But we also know that routines are often interrupted by God and for that we are grateful!

Know we will be praying for you while we travel, pray for us as well.

In the name of Jesus, the Christ,

Pastor Burt

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