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Grace Comes From Love -- by Pastor Burt

Updated: Sep 28

We end the Core Series this week and will wrap things up with “Is Jesus Coming Back?” I hope this series has been helpful to us all as we get back to the basics.

Next week we will start a new mini-series for three weeks entitled “Grace: God’s Plan for Love, Life and Eternity.” Grace in our Wesleyan understanding is threefold: Prevenient Grace, Justifying Grace, and Sanctifying Grace. Each form of God’s Grace expresses God’s love for us. Grace is God’s answer to sin. Sin separates us from God by our actions. God’s love overcomes sin to build a relationship with us through grace. Grace is never earned or deserved; instead, grace is always a gift.

Our love for others can be grace-filled, often most easily seen in the face of trouble and potential conflict, when one person offers love and care instead of complaint or argument.

One Friday at the end of summer, when I was a teen, I was on an errand and had an automobile accident which was my fault. My truck was totaled, and I had no other vehicle available. Band camp started the following Monday, and I prepared to ride with mom and not have a way to go anywhere during the 2-hour midday break. When I got up on Monday morning, my father left me a note saying he had gotten a ride to work and I was to take his truck that day. His action was unexpected, and I had anticipated being fussed at and enduring the just consequences of my poor driving decisions. Instead, he showed his love and care for me. This gentleness was not the usual way I experienced my father. He was often gruff and demanding. There were moments in my young life when I saw this side of my father, and these are the moments I cherish. These interactions declared his love for me. His actions on that Monday demonstrated to me the meaning of Grace. I hope I also model Grace to others because I have received Grace.

How have you recently demonstrated God’s love to someone through grace-filled interaction?

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