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Christ IS King!

Here we are … Christ the King Sunday … the end of the Christian Year. God is breathing new life into Christ Church. I hope you can feel it! My thanks to you as a congregation and to our staff: Matt Smith, Janice Deal, Brandy Mathis and Monica Whitworth for all you do for the Kingdom of Christ!!

I have been and am planning for the coming year. Particularly for worship I have laid out the sermon series and special days of worship for our staff and leaders through mid-June of 2023. I want to know what parts of the scripture or theological themes you would want me to preach upon for the summer and fall of 2023. You are invited to make suggestions (here). I will ruminate on them and cover some of them next year.

For the rest of this year and into the beginning of 2023 we will be focused on two sermon series. “Be Prepared for the Coming of the King” will run through December 18th and will carry themes of Jesus’ promised return and near the end focus on the events leading up to Christ’s Birth. Then starting on Christmas Eve at our 5:30 PM service we will start with a new series called “The Arrival” that will run through January 15th and culminate with the start of Jesus’ ministry.

We will have both a Christmas Eve Service on December 24th at 5:30 PM and a Christmas Day Service at our normal time of 9 AM on Sunday Morning December 25th. These are wonderful opportunities to celebrate the birth of Christ The King. Hope to see you on Sundays and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!


Pastor Burt

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