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A Lot to Celebrate! -- by Pastor Burt

A lot has happened in the last week!

A group of volunteers repaired the water line to the Scout Hut!! Thank you to Jeff Hutchins, David Smith, and Darryl Hutchins for making it happen.

We celebrated Isaac Pyatt’s last Sunday with us on September 25th with a small reception. We are very grateful for Issac’s ministry among us and for sharing his musical gifts.

On Monday evening, we held our final interview for the Modern Worship Leader position, and on Monday, we hired Brandy Mathis. Brandy is a very talented and gifted musician and leader. The decision of the SPRC in consultation with the Praise Team was unanimous, and we are very excited that God has blessed us in this way.

Brandy will begin rehearsing with the Praise Team on October 5th at 7 pm, and her first Sunday will be later in October. This period will give the praise team and Brandy a few rehearsals to get comfortable and prepare for that first worship service.

We will feature more hymns in worship for the next few Sundays until the Praise Band is back, leading us in worship alongside the choir.

We will finish up this series on Grace by examining God’s work of Sanctifying Grace, or the process by which God works within us to remake us in the image of Christ. This understanding and emphasis on Grace, particularly sanctification, is a hallmark of Wesleyan theology and the Methodist Movement.

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