We believe real life only happens in a relationship with Jesus.  


The best decision we ever made was to follow Jesus.  We’re regular people moved by God’s extraordinary grace.  

We are a church eager to experience passionate worship, authentic connection, and to grow in our love of God.  

We love our local community and want to help every person take a NEXT STEP with Jesus.

We are made for this!
When so much competes for our attention, worshiping God
refocuses us.
Renewed, we’re ready for a
NEXT STEP with Jesus.
Life is better together.
Where life separates and isolates, Christ connects. Life change happens best in relationship.
We take our
NEXT STEP with Jesus.
Our world is bigger than just us. Love listens and acts.
ServeTeams partner with local and global ministries
to love and take a
NEXT STEP with Jesus.
We have amazing news to share. Jesus opened the door to relationship with God. We were made for this! We can’t wait to
help others take a
NEXT STEP with Jesus.
A Fresh Start
“If only…” How often do we look back and wonder what could have been “if only” we had done X, considered Y, or completely avoided Z? The Good News is that by God’s grace we have the opportunity for a fresh start, a second chance for a new beginning. Our Fresh Start Message Series lets the most famous Fresh Start stories in the Bible share their wisdom, helping us make this our best Fresh Start.
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“ENDGAME: Enemy Territory”

ENDGAME: Enemy Territory
-Jesus incited a battle he intended to lose.
-Jesus picked a fight he planned to forfeit.
-Jesus chose defeat when he could easily win.
-Jesus took the pain instead of inflicting it.
-Jesus forgave injustice instead of demanding justice.
-Jesus surrendered to death even though he created life.
-Death was given a momentary win so that Jesus could have an eternal victory.
In a world that whispers “take it!” Jesus won by saying “take me!”
Further Conversation
1. What is your favorite possession? Why? What did it cost?
2. Read Matt 21:1-17 How did these two events intentionally incite a battle with the political powers that be?
3. Read Matt 26:52-54 Why didn’t Jesus ask God to send the angels? How do you think the disciples felt watching Jesus lose?
4. Read Mark 14:64b-65 & Luke 23:33-34 When have you endured injustice or unfair pain? How did you respond?
5. Read John 19:28-30 & Hebrews 2:14 How did Jesus win by “losing”? What do you think of this plan? Would you choose it?
6. How does the world whisper “take it!”? What are the consequences of thinking “might makes right”?
7. Read Matthew 16:24-25 How does Jesus ask of his followers? How is this a winning formula for life? How do we live into this?
8. Where do you need to pick up your cross and say “take me”?
Daily Devotions: Go Deeper this Week
Monday – John 3:16-21
Does anyone “like” going to the DMV? I’d never had a positive experience. Every trip required long lines and being told I had the wrong forms, requiring I return another day. However, I’ll never forget my first experience at the DMV in Macon County, NC. I walked in prepared for misery. Instead, I was shocked to be in and out in 10 minutes with everything finished. The people were even pleasant! It was not what I expected! Jesus was not what the people, especially the religious people, expected. They had come to expect God to be harsh, demanding, and merciless with sinful people. Judgement was necessary. Jesus did not disagree that sin requires judgement. This passage says we all stand condemned because of sin. But Jesus came not to reinforce the condemnation but to offer forgiveness and hope. Jesus came on a rescue mission for those who want saved! It was not what they expected of God. It is so much better! What do you expect of God? Are you open to a loving God who is eager to forgive?
Pray: LORD Jesus, I am so grateful for your love and mercy that came to forgive. I know I don’t deserve it. Thank you!
Tuesday – Matthew 20:50-54
I don’t know how Jesus did it. Dying on the cross, brutally beaten and verbally abused, Jesus offers forgiveness to the vey people harming them. “Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they’re doing.” For someone stuck on the cross, the words might seem hollow. But Jesus could have called down an army of angels. Jesus could have sought vengeance. In all that pain, Jesus didn’t retaliate. Jesus showed grace, mercy…forgiveness. What do you think Jesus thinks about you? Do you know his love?
Pray: Holy LORD, you offer grace and forgiveness when you could have demanded vengeance. Help me live into your amazing love!
Wednesday – Romans 5:6-8
“While” is a powerful word. Think about the word and what it means for a moment. “While we were still sinners.” We didn’t say sorry. We weren’t sorry yet. We were still neck deep in rebellion and sin. We were murderous enemies of God. While we curse God, God loves us! How do you respond to those harming you? What does this passage say about how God loves you? What will you do with love like that?
Pray: My God Savior, while we deny and abuse you, you forgive us. I can’t fathom it, but I don’t want to miss it. Thank you!
Thursday – Matthew 18:21-35
Where is the line & limit? When driving, we like to know the Speed limit. When volunteering, we like to know the time commitment. How much do I forgive? Peter believes he is offering a generous line when he suggests forgiving someone seven times. Jesus instead presents a radical level of forgiveness. Jesus essentially says there is no line, no limit to how much we should forgive others. Our willingness to forgive instead should reflect our thankfulness for our forgiven-ness. We are graciously forgiven by God. While we were sinners, without repentance, God forgave. Jesus says we need to do the same. No line! No limit! Well, unless we want to limit how much God is willing to forgive us. Hmmm…how much do you need God’s forgiveness? The more we know forgiveness, the more we forgive
Pray: Holy Spirit, it is hard to forgive those that harm me. Help me see how God has graciously forgiven me, so that I may put aside my demand for justice and instead offer God’s grace.
Friday – Matthew 6:14-15
I think we misunderstand Jesus sometimes. We know God is always gracious. We trust that God will forgive. I can’t and do not have to earn God’s love. So therefore, passages like this one we bury or ignore. It doesn’t make sense that God would withhold forgiveness. And here is where we make our mistake. God doesn’t withhold. We are unable to receive God’s forgiveness if we won’t forgive others. If I want revenge against others, I’m not really open to grace for me. Getting to know the depth of God’s forgiveness for me naturally opens my heart to willingly forgive others. Receiving and giving forgiveness are intimately connected. As one rises, so does the other. How gracious and forgiving are you with others? What does that say about your openness to God’s grace?
Pray: Heavenly Father, help me know your love and grace more and more. Open my heart. Change me. And help me share it.
Saturday – 2 Corinthians 5:16-6:2
Forgiveness is step one to reconciliation. You might think the first step is repentance, but forgiveness always precedes repentance. God forgave us first. The very ministry of Christ on earth is to bring reconciliation. How are you sharing God’s forgiveness with others? Do you wait to forgive? Do you know you are forgiven?
Pray: LORD of Heaven and Earth, the world needs to know your gracious forgiveness. We need reconciled with you. Help me share your message of grace and reconciliation today

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“ENDGAME: Our Origin Story”

ENDGAME: Our Origin Story
Jesus had his mission. God’s favorite creation, humanity, was held captive by death and the Evil One. Victory could come only one way. Death wanted its prize. Jesus knew the cost and God would do anything to rescue us! Join us as we follow Jesus towards his ENDGAME, the quest to save us all!
-We lost our freedom because we wanted control
-Jesus did for us what we could not do for ourselves
-Jesus became what we are so we could become what he is
I get the freedom Jesus won when I give up the control I want 
Further Conversation
1. Who is your favorite super hero? What do they do for others?
2. Read Genesis 3:22-24 What is so hard about “cultivating the ground”? What appetites are you working hard to satisfy?
3. Read Hebrews 2:12-15 Why did Jesus become like us? What victory did he win? Is Jesus your hero?
4. What does it mean to be “slaves to the fear of dying?” How does it relate to Adam’s being forced to “cultivate the ground”?
5. Read Luke 4:18-19 Where does your freedom and control end? Do you see yourself as a slave or in bondage to anything?
6. Why is it hard for people to give up control?
7. Read Galatians 2:20 How is giving up control is like dying? Why is grateful obedience the ultimate act of trust?
8. Where are you missing the freedom Jesus won? In what ways can you begin to give up control and begin to trust Jesus?
Daily Devotions: Go Deeper this Week
Monday – Romans 3:23-26
Are you a good person? Chances are, if you are reading a devotion, you at least want to be a good person. We don’t aim to be jerks. We don’t aim to be hurtful. We don’t aim to sin. Sure, sometimes we are and do. But it is rarely, if ever, our aim. However, this passage identifies us by a term that we probably don’t like: “sinner”. We know we occasionally sin, but being called a sinner seems rather harsh. Its so judgmental. The challenge for us is that until we recognize the depth of our sinfulness…that we really have fallen short and do not deserve to be called good or receive good…we completely miss the magnitude of God’s grace. Until we know what we really deserve, judgement, we can’t experience the depth of God’s love. How do you see yourself? How great is God’s love and grace for you?
Pray: LORD Jesus, I am a sinner. I have missed the mark and do not deserve grace. Yet you lavish it upon me. Thank you!
Tuesday – Luke 23:44-48
“Surely this man was innocent.” What does it mean that Jesus was completely innocent? One reason Jesus’ innocence is vital is because in the Jewish sacrificial system set by Scripture, only a pure and perfect lamb was a proper sacrifice. Jesus is the pure, perfect lamb of God sacrificed for our sins. Jesus’s innocence also tells us something else: His pain was completely undeserved. Jesus was unjustly punished. What he did on the cross was his choice. Let that sink in…Jesus willing chose the cross. Why would he do that? Why would he do it for you?
Pray: Holy LORD, you offered Jesus as the perfect and innocent sacrifice for my sin. I can’t understand that love, but I thank you!
Wednesday – Romans 5:6-8
“While” is a powerful word. Think about the word and what it means for a moment. “While we were still sinners.” We didn’t say sorry. We weren’t sorry yet. We were still neck deep in rebellion and sin. We were murderous enemies of God. While we curse God, God loves us! While Jesus was on the cross, he forgave. How do you respond to those harming you? While we harm God and others, God loves us. What does this passage say about how God loves you? What will you do with love like that?
Pray: My God and Savior, while we deny and abuse you, you forgive us. I can’t fathom it, but I don’t want to miss it. Thank you!
Thursday – 1 Corinthians 1:18-25
God doesn’t make sense. If anyone every tells you they have things figured out, feel free to laugh. We argue and debate different theories. We think we know best. And then God gives us Jesus on the cross. The cross is foolishness. Why would the God of the universe willingly take the punishment for a rebellious creation? Why would God take the curse? Why would God endure pain? It makes no sense. In the end, all we can say is that the cross is how God loves. Its extravagant. Its violent. Its personal. He hates sin that much. He loves us this much. And now we have a choice. What will we do with a Savior that chooses the cross? Can you receive it, even if it doesn’t make sense?
Pray: Holy Spirit, the cross is foolishness to our human understanding. Yet it is the most beautiful display of love. Help me accept and receive what I can’t understand. .
Friday – Joshua 24:14-15
Joshua led his people into the promised land. They have conquered their enemies. Its now time to settle into the land. God did this all for them. Now Joshua wisely reminds his people that they have a choice. Just because I followed God in the past doesn’t mean I will continue. Every day is a choice. Just because I served the LORD yesterday does not guarantee I will serve him today. I must make a choice. Joshua challenged his people to intentionally choose. Joshua called them to bold declare. And God asks the same of us today. Who will you serve? Who will be your LORD? We have a choice. And we will be held responsible for what we choose. In light of God’s love, what do you chose?
Pray: Heavenly Father, you give me the freedom to choose. And you allow me to be responsible for my choice. That is freedom and love. May I choose you this day and serve only you!
Saturday – John 13:34-35
I need Savior who chooses the cross. I need to know that sin has consequences. I need to know that God loves this extravagantly. I need to know I matter this much to God. I also need a Savior who requires I choose the cross. To love God is to live fully into his grace. I can only find that on my cross. To show Jesus means loving like Jesus. I can only do that on my cross. The cross is where it becomes real for me. And I must willingly choose it. Help me see the love and grace of the cross today.
Pray: LORD of Heaven and Earth, I was made in your image. I was created to reflect your glory. You show your love through the cross…and I can only reflect you love on the cross.

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“Heroes: When Good People Do Nothing”

When Good People Do Nothing
– We make our choices, then our choices make us.
– Its not that good people do nothing, its that they often do the wrong thing.
– We settle for the wrong thing because its easier than the right one
– People & groups rot from the inside long before they collapse on the outside
A hero’s next step:
-Review & Reinforce
-Release & Repeat 2-4
Further Conversation
1. What are some of the biggest choices you have made in your life? How have those choices shaped who you have become?
2. Read Judges 17:6 What is the danger of deciding right and wrong for ourselves? When are you guilty of it?
3. Read Judges 19:30 What caused their outrage? What news stories today tend to cause outrage and action on your part?
4. Read Judges 21:23-25 How would you describe Israel’s response? Where do we react with similar recklessness today?
5. It what ways is God’s desires for us (the right thing) hard? Where and why do people often settle for the wrong thing?
6. How does “rot” work from the inside out when it comes to people and groups? Where have you seen it? When are you guilty of it?
7. A hero’s next step Which step are you on? What is your greatest struggle on this step? What the best part of this step?
Daily Devotions: Go Deeper this Week
Monday – Matthew 14:22-31
That’s impossible! We all can think of things we simply can’t or won’t do! My grandmother used to say that she would only fly in an airplane over “my dead body!” Ironically, when she passed away we had to fly her remains to her home state for burial. Following Jesus requires doing the impossible sometimes… like obediently loving someone who has hurt us or is controlling. Bitterness or resentment creep in, and love seems as impossible as walking on water. This passage lets us learn from Peter’s faith and fall. If we let Jesus lead, keeping our eyes fixed on him, the impossible is possible. Who do you need to love appropriately, compassionately, and sacrificially? Focus on Jesus and take your next step towards him.
Pray: LORD Jesus, sometimes what you require seems impossible. Help me fix my eyes on you and love all others like you love me!
Tuesday – Psalm 23
Letting God lead isn’t always easy. Some paths are painful. We often read this Psalm in moments of our greatest grief, such as at the funeral of a loved one. God will sometimes lead us through a dark valley. When has God led you places that you didn’t want to go? We can become reluctant and fearful. We dig in our heals or grow angry at God. But somehow, we must trust our Shepherd. Often the path to the peaceful stream or green meadow is through the dark valley. We could miss out on God’s great blessing for us if we won’t follow God through the pain, grief, or dark. How have you grown from times of difficulty? How has God brought blessing from places of pain? Remind yourself today of God’s love for you, and allow this love to refresh and encourage you to let God lead.
Pray: Good Shepherd, help me remember the joy and peace you bring in the light so that I will more fully trust you in the dark.
Wednesday – Isaiah 55:8-9
Have you ever wondered why they shut a door between the pilot and passengers on a commercial airplane? Safety is a concern, I’m sure. But it probably has far more to do with “back seat drivers”! Can you imagine how many people, all who do not know how to fly, would be trying to judge or direct the pilot’s behavior. We do the same with God. We try to judge God’s leading or control God’s actions. But God’s ways are not our ways. God knows better. How can you trust God to lead today…without back seat driving?
Pray: Almighty God, you know all thing…and I do not. Forgive me for second-guessing your plan. I will trust you to lead today.
Thursday – Psalm 37:1-5
Have you every had an itch you just couldn’t scratch? For a moment, its all I can think about. The agony builds and builds. And then suddenly, its gone. Did the itch disappear? No, not necessarily. Somehow I started thinking about something else that took my mind off the itch. Controlling people can be like an itch. They demand our attention. They shame and threaten. But if we will only move our attention to trusting God, we could quiet the controller and learn to love them appropriately. If we would only commit everything to God, then the evil of another we have little lasting influence on us. What itch is occupying your mind and heart? Whose voice is demanding your attention? How can you choose to trust in the Lord and do good today?
Pray: Heavenly Father, please help my only trust your voice. Even as others demand my attention, may I fix my thoughts on you.
Friday – John 21:15-25
But what about him? Has comparison ever captured you? Peter just had an intimate moment of restoration with the resurrected Jesus. Think about that for just a second. Peter betrayed Jesus. Jesus rose from the grave and now just had a beautiful moment of forgiving and restoring Peter. What a mountaintop experience! Then suddenly, like a dog distracted by a squirrel, Peter quickly shifts his attention from the risen LORD to comparing himself to a fellow disciple. Comparison captures our minds and heart, robbing us of intimacy with Jesus. We wander by wondering about others instead of letting Jesus lead us and trusting his love. Where has comparison captured your attention? Ask forgiveness and allow Jesus to lead you. Where is Jesus taking you…not others…today?
Pray: LORD Jesus, I’m sorry for how often I wonder about others instead of trusting in you. Lead me, I am yours today.
Saturday – Galatians 5:16-26
Loving a controlling person can be a challenge. It requires being constantly on guard…remembering your call and refusing to be pulled from it. But the hardest controller to love is yourself. We want to be God, deciding what is best for us…then to allow the Spirit to lead us into what is good, right, and holy. Who is in control of you today? Whose lead have you followed this week? As we prepare to gather together for worship tomorrow, may we trust in the leading of the Spirit. May our lives bear witness to the Spirit’s goodness!
Pray: Loving God, may I bear the fruits of the Spirit as I follow the lead of the Spirit. I am all yours today, tomorrow, and for eternity!

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