“Lies Christians Believe: Lie #3”

LIE #3: The Bible says it, I believe it. That settles it.
So many things sound “true”. Maybe they’re almost true. Maybe we’d like them to be true. Often, they’re true enough until something goes wrong and we discover the platitudes we relied on for comfort weren’t built to last.
All of us have heard the clichés meant to offer comfort in a difficult moment, but don’t realize they can hurt when they prove unreliable. In this series we want to tackle some of the most common “Lies Christians Believe”, and discover the truth that sets us free and will never let us down.
TRUTH The Bible claims to be God’s
a. Inspiration b. Salvation
c. Revelation d. Authorization
TRUTH We believe the bible because Jesus did.
TRUTH We believe the bible because the Church does.
TRUTH If the bible says it, I need it.
BOTTOM LINE The Bible says it. Jesus believes it. I need it.
Further Conversation
1. Who are some people you trust? Who taught you that some people are trust-worthy? Why do you to trust these persons?
2. Why do some people not trust & believe the Bible?
3. Read 2 Timothy 3:14-17. What does it mean when the bible claims: Inspiration? Revelation? Salvation? Authorization?
4. Read Matthew 5:17-18 How did Jesus view Scripture? Why should Jesus’ opinion matter to us?
5. Read 2 Peter 1:16-21, & 1 Corinthians 11:1 How does the Church view Scripture? Why should the Church’s opinion matter?
6. How are you taking time to hear from God through the Bible? How does the Bible shape how you live?
7. What do wish was different about how you engage the bible? How can this group help you make those changes and grow in faith?
Daily Devotions: Go Deeper this Week
Monday – Ephesians 6:10-17
Did you remember sword drills in children’s Sunday school? We’d raise our bible’s over our head until the teacher called out a passage. The first to turn to the passage won the drill. The bible is called the sword of the Spirit. It is the only offensive weapon in the spiritual armor of a believer. It is our critical tool, God’s word to us, to fend off the attack of the enemy. The problem is that we forget who our enemy is. Many people misuse the bible as a club to beat others into submission. But Scripture itself reminds us that our enemy isn’t flesh and blood…but the powers of evil in the unseen world. God’s word is vital in the life of a believer. We should know it well and utilize it well so that we may stand strong in the LORD.
Pray: God of Heaven, thank you for your word. Help me know it well, apply it well in my life, and use it well to fend off the enemy.
Tuesday – Hebrews 4:12-13
Have you ever watched a butcher cut meat? Through training and a really sharp knife they precisely and effortlessly cut to and even through bone. The writer of Hebrews compares the Scripture to that sharp knife. The truth shared in Scripture cuts deep…through the masks, the lies, the defenses we use to pretend we’re good. It cuts to the soul. Many of us run from the word. But these masterful cuts beautifully expose our greatest need. We need God’s forgiveness, grace, and hope. And God’s word, even as it exposes it also reveals the Good News that grace and forgiveness is God’s free gift to us. May we not fear the word, but eagerly dive in. May we allow God’s word to cut to the core…and bring wonderful healing and wholeness
Pray: Loving God, your word hurts when it exposes. Help me not run but dive in and find that it wonderfully heals and refreshes.
Wednesday – Deuteronomy 6:4-9
Some Jewish people took this passage literally. They tied bits of Scripture text to their foreheads and wrists. They embedded them in their doorframe. Whether God expected a literal application or not misses the point. God commands us to pass down God’s word to future generations. We do so not just by teaching knowledge but demonstrating its truth. We should wear God’s word and display it through all we discuss and do. It should identify our home…just like a house number (on a doorframe). Is God’s word that vital to you? Do others hear God through the way you live? What could change?
Pray: Holy Spirit, help me so come to know and grow in God’s word that I live it out boldly and loudly for all to see.
Thursday – Matthew 19:1-12
Were Adam and Eve real? Honestly, its a fair question. Modern science presents a strong case for at least some degree of evolution. No one has conclusive proof. We have varying degrees of evidence and a lot of faith. But what about Jesus? This passage is important not only for what it teaches about human sexuality and marriage, but also how Jesus teaches. Jesus references Adam & Eve’s creation and relationship. For Jesus, Adam and Eve are real and definitely matter. We are challenged as Jesus followers with what we will believe. We can not prove the creation story. But we don’t have to. We don’t believe because of evidence. We believe because Jesus did. What Jesus teaches, we believe…whether its human sexuality, marriage, service, love or even Adam & Eve.
Pray: LORD Jesus, may I follow you with all my heart, mind, and will. What you believe may I come to trust and live.
Friday – Acts 17:10-12
We know better than to talk religion or politics. Throughout history, those are fighting words. Paul experienced a lot of opposition as he sought to share the Gospel throughout the known world. But his early experience in Berea was different. Instead of fighting Paul, the Bereans were curious. They explored the Scriptures together to determine if what Paul was sharing was true. We witness talking heads screaming past each other on our televisions. And now the fight is in many churches. Maybe we could show the world something different if we dive into God’s word together. We stand in a long line of Jesus followers who share in the conversation. As we explore God’s word as its been heard throughout the ages, we learn how to not fight but be truly noble and open-minded. May we be curious, not fighting but exploring God’s word together.
Pray: Holy Spirit, call us together with all the Church through all the ages, to hear and learn what God says through eternal God’s word.
Saturday – Psalm 119:105
We take light for granted. I once did a night-hike. This was a guided hike in the dark of night through the woods…with only the moonlight to guide us. It is amazing what we can see with artificial light. This experience helped me appreciate a flashlight. Light makes the path so much easier to see. The word of God is that light for our paths. We ignore it at our own risk and peril. May you dive into God’s word today and come to see like never before!
Pray: Loving God, thank you for your word that is a light to my feet. Help me listen, learn, and take each step of life in faith and trust!