“Heroes: Confidence of a HERO”

Confidence of a HERO
Key Points:
“What one generation tolerates the next generation will embrace”
~ quote from John Wesley
-A Christ-centered legacy requires christ-centered leadership.
Confidence of a Hero
-Christ-centered leader inspires confidence (right thinking) and promotes integrity (right action)
-Christ-centered confidence builds as I get to know myself & God
Confidence of a hero
-I can’t but God can…so here I go
-I didn’t but God did…so there you go.
Further Conversation
1. Share a time where you overcame a fear? What were you afraid to do? What did you do? How did you feel afterward?
2. Read Judges 6:1-10 What challenges did the Israelites face? What do you think about God’s response to the Israelites?
3. Read Judges 6:11-16 What does Gideon think of himself & his clan? What does he think of God? What does God call Gideon?
4. Confidence builds as I get to know myself & know God. What does this statement mean to you? What would you tell Gideon?
5. Read Judges 8:22-27 What happened to Gideon’s confidence?
6. Confidence of a Hero How do the two ‘but God” statements give encouragement & protection against arrogance?
7. Read Judges 8:34-35 What legacy did Gideon leave? How are others impacted by your christ-centered confidence? What could you differently to ensure you leave a legacy that will last?
Daily Devotions: Go Deeper this Week
Monday – Matthew 14:22-33
Can you imagine being Peter, miraculously walking on top of the water without sinking? Eventually the enormity of the miracle distracted him. He sank. Crying out to Jesus, he is rescued and taken back into the boat. I’m sure Peter was a little embarrassed. But guess what, Peter did what eleven other guys on the boat didn’t. He conquered his fear and trusted in Jesus. The others didn’t get out of the boat. God may be calling you to extraordinary things. Will you trust God and get out of the boat? Or God might be calling you to ordinary things…like making a new friend, doing the hard but right thing, sharing your faith, giving to those in need. Will you get out of the boat? Do fears holds you? Will you trust Jesus and climb out?
Pray: LORD Jesus, call me to come where you are and please give me the faith and courage to get out of the boat and boldly go.
Tuesday – Isaiah 6:1-8
Bruce Almighty is one of my favorite movies. Bruce Nolan meets God face to face, and for a few days has God’s power. Morgan Freeman portrays God as kind, strong, and compassionate Deity. I really like the presentation. But Scripture suggests meeting God would be a little more frightening. Isaiah comes face to face with God and is terrified. He sees God’s holiness, goodness, and glory. Immediately Isaiah is confronted with his own sin. Isaiah’s fear is not because God is vengeful, but because Isaiah now sees how guilty he truly is. Isaiah knows he deserves death. Our problem is often that we don’t really know ourselves. We don’t see God’s holiness. We mistakenly think we are pretty good too. And because of this, we miss really hearing God. Spend some time honestly evaluating yourself today. Confess to God. Be open. And ask God to make you clean, to use you to share God’s word.
Pray: Heavenly Father, help me see myself as I really am. Help me see your glory. And help me hear your call on my life. Send me.
Wednesday – Matthew 8:18-22
We all have hopes and dreams. Some want success in business. Others want fame. Some want fortune. Others just want a loving family. The challenge of following Jesus is our willingness to trade our expectations for his, our dreams for Jesus’. Following Jesus isn’t easy. It has cost and sacrifice. What are the things I hold on to? What do I expect from Jesus? Will I do what he expects from me?
Pray: My LORD and Savior, you call me to follow you no matter the cost. It scares me. But I trust you. Where you go I will follow!
Thursday – Exodus 4:1-14
Moses is considered the greatest prophet and leader in Jewish history. He led the Israelites out of slavery and bondage in Egypt. Moses met God face to face. Moses is one impressive person with a doubly impressive resume. He did great things for God. Yet Exodus 3 & 4 show Moses again and again giving excuse after excuse as to why he isn’t able to do what God has called him to do. Eventually God gets angry. Wouldn’t you get angry? Why are we so quick to not trust God or ourselves? Why do we think we can’t…when its not even up to us. We can’t but God can! We forget who is really in charge. What excuses are you giving God today? How is God calling you to trust and go? May you see God can, and thats all that matters.
Pray: Almighty God, I so often forget that its not up to my strength and ability but yours. Help me see that even if I can’t, you can!
Friday – Mark 2:1-12
This is one of my favorite scenes in Scripture: four friends willing to do anything to bring their friend to Jesus. They dig through a roof! And notice the words…Jesus saw their faith as he healed the man. The faith of the friends brought healing to the paralyzed man. Wow! But there is one more person, never named, who played a huge role: the homeowner. Digging through the roof was not a quick task. It would have taken time. People would have noticed. Yet no one stopped them. If someone climbs on my roof, you better believe I’m gonna stop them. Not this homeowner. He allows it. He’s gonna have a mess to clean, but to him this healing is worth it. He will have a cost to cover, but this paralyzed man is worth it. Jesus is worth it. What would you do if you were the homeowner? Would anger cause you to miss the miracle? Would fear? Or would faith let you marvel at God’s blessing of others? What matters most to you?
Pray: Holy Spirit, soften my heart and open my eyes. Give me faith to let go, to trust, & to use my every blessing to be a blessing to others.
Saturday – Jeremiah 1:4-9
How often do the words “I can’t” come out of your mouth. We are so quick to overemphasize our weakness in the face of challenge. We forget that God called us. God will equip us. And God will do what is necessary. F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real. We forget God and we fear. As this week comes to a close, where have you let fear stop you? When have you boldly trusted God and stepped out to do something new? How has God moved in you and through you? May you celebrate the God who can! May you trust the God who will!
Pray: LORD of Heaven and Earth, I was made to know you, to know your peace, to live in your joy…make this the true desire of my heart.