Family at its Best… Trust God with the Results

Week #3: Trust God With the Results
Key Points:
-Conflict is normal because selfishness is natural.
-Conflict is common except where selflessness is chosen
-Conflict is intimidating BUT GOD is bigger.
BIG IDEA: Family at its best trusts God with the results
-I can trust God… because God knows me.
-I can trust God… because God loves me.
-I can trust God… because God trusts me.
Further Conversation:
1. How intense was the social pressure when you were in high school? How is it different for you today? Why?
2. Read Genesis 37:18-27 Why were the brothers so angry with Joseph? Have you ever been bitterly angry with someone? How did you act towards them? How did you talk about them?
3. Conflict is intimidating BUT GOD is bigger. What does this statement mean to you? How is conflict intimidating?
4. Read Genesis 50:19-21 Because of the brother’s actions, what does Scripture tell Joseph endured? Why do you think he could respond this way? What was his attitude like before success?
5. Read Romans 8:31b-32 How would Joseph respond to the question “If God is for us, who can ever stand against us?” Do you think God is “for you”? Why?
6. Restate the BIG IDEA in your own words. What actions do you need to take? How can you begin to trust God this week?
Daily Devotions: Go Deeper this Week
Monday – Matthew 19:16-30
Who can be saved? What a great question. This story can be a little discouraging. How would I respond if Jesus asked me to sell everything? I believe the other disciples started to wonder the same thing. Peter blurts out, “Well, who can be saved?” I love Jesus’ response. Its impossible for a person to push themselves into salvation. But with God…what great words…but with God, everything is possible. The real question is, “am I with God?” God promises to be with me. But am I with God? Do I make myself available? Do I listen for God’s voice? Do I want God?
Pray: Almighty God, because you are the author and maker of all things…all things are only and truly possible with you. Help me draw near, and be with you.
Tuesday – Psalm 73
What do I want? In our world today, I can have almost anything with the click on the internet or the swipe of a credit card. Debt is out of control because we want so much and can seemingly have it all. We grow jealous of the rich. We grow envious of the spoiled. This Psalm reminds us that envy creates bitterness. It also reminds us of God’s great love and faithfulness. We may feel like we have nothing. We may feel as if we are wasting away. We may feel as if we are losing at life, falling behind those who cheat and deny God. “But God remains the strength of my heart.” What do i want? Can I trust God? Will I trust God when its hard?
Pray: Loving LORD, you promise to hold me close, to be my strength forever. Help me trust in you and stand firm even when times are challenging and I experience struggle. I will trust you!
Wednesday – Romans 5:6-8
I love these words! These are some of my favorite verses in all the bible…especially the first two words of verse 8: BUT GOD. If you were to sum up all the bible in two words…BUT GOD. The Good News of Jesus Christ is “BUT GOD.” Every time you feel ashamed or unworthy of God’s love, remember…BUT GOD. I was lost, BUT GOD loved me and found me. I was addicted, BUT GOD… What do you need to hear today? Hear your “BUT GOD!”
Pray: Jesus Christ, my LORD and Savior, I was trapped in my sin BUT GOD rescued me through you! Thank you!!!
Thursday – Genesis 8:1-5
Some seasons in our lives seem to last forever. I remember the fear that I would never escape my loneliness. I recall another time where I was certain I would be trapped in debt forever. Or there were months on end when I had no job. Noah had been floating in a boat for 150 days…5 months. Almost everything he knew was gone. BUT GOD… Again, what great words. “But God remembered Noah…” God is never early, nor is God ever late. But oh my, is it hard to wait on God. It is hard to trust in God’s timing and believe God remembers you. When you are in the middle of a difficult season, remember these words…BUT GOD.
Pray: Holy Spirit, there are times my faith is so weak. Please remember me. Empower and encourage me. I am yours.
Friday – 1 Samuel 23:13-14
I am not a county music fan. If you are, please don’t take offense. I share that to tell you one of my favorite songs is a country song by Garth Brooks called Unanswered Prayers. I encourage you to listen to the words. How often do we grow frustrated or bitter with God because God does not answer our prayers the way we want. In this passage, God keeps David safe. BUT GOD… didn’t let Saul find him. I read those words and I wonder why God didn’t “BUT GOD” me when I really wanted something? Then I wonder where God has protected me and provided for me and I missed it. I was so busy looking for one thing I missed what God was really doing. BUT GOD is a faith statement, a trust booster. Do you believe God loves you and wants the best for you? Is God for you? Trust God today.
Pray: Heavenly Father, forgive me when I fail to trust and see all you do to provide for me. Thank you! I want to trust you today.
Saturday – Psalm 49
BUT GOD… what great words! These words change everything. This Psalm captures the frustration of watching the rich and ungodly flaunt their wealth. It is a reminder that death will come for everyone, wealth can not save us.…BUT GOD…but God can. God will redeem my life. Who do you trust? Do you trust fully in God to have and hold you for eternity. What do you want?
Pray: LORD Jesus, You gave yourself for me now I give myself for you. Help me trust God with the results as I simply love and obey