“#Blessed: Matthew 5:8”

#Blessed: Matthew 5:8
The Good Life is proactive, not reactive.
The Good Life is distilled, not unfiltered.
The Good Life is being true to God, not yourself.
-Impure desires left unfiltered always lead to problems.
-The process of purifying is always painful.
-Purity always creates clarity, revealing purpose.
What is your heart’s desire?
Further Conversation
1. Do you care about a restaurant’s Health Code score? Why?
2. Read Matthew 5:8 What does “whose hearts are pure” mean? How is God, and God’s desires, our standard for purity?
3. The good life is being true to God, not yourself. How does our culture promotes a true to yourself, “unfiltered” lifestyle? Why?
4. Read Isaiah 6:1-8 What does this story tell us about God? Isaiah? How is Isaiah changed? What does Isaiah do?
5. Read James 1:14-15 How does James describe the danger of impure thoughts & temptations? Have you seen this happen? The process of purifying is always painful. Do you agree? Why?
6. Read Romans 12:1-2 What is the end result of a life lived for God? Why do you think we struggle with conforming to the world?
7. The Good Life is distilled, not unfiltered. What areas of your life need purified and realigned with God’s desires?
8. How might a small group at Christ Church help you?
Daily Devotions: Go Deeper this Week
Monday – 1 Samuel 15:10-31
Good intentions don’t satisfy failed obedience. We like to make a lot of excuses for our failure to obey. We justify ourselves, blame others, or suggest good intentions. Yet the truth remains that we fail to obey. The LORD commanded Saul to destroy all the plunder, yet Saul took matters into his own hands and did what he thought was best. Sin is simple to define, it is simply me thinking I know better than God. In what ways, and in what areas of your life, are you most prone to justify disobedience?
Pray: Almighty God, forgive me when I think I know better. You alone are LORD. I want to obey you!
Tuesday – 2 Samuel 11-12:25
What was I thinking? Many of us have been there. We make a rash, impulsive, and foolish decision…then we try our best to cover it up. David, and we, should have known better. Uriah and David’s child with Bathsheba lost their lives because of David’s decisions. We’ve broken relationships, harmed others, and jeopardized opportunities. Where have we been guilty of similar cover-ups? Why do we hide or deny our guilt?
Pray: Heavenly Father, you know all things, including the secrets of our heart. Forgive us for the pain we’ve caused you and others because of our selfish disobedience. Make us new today.
Wednesday – John 8:1-111
My heart breaks for this poor woman. Yes, she was an adulterer. She was guilty. Yet so often, in a rush to judge others, we fail to account for our own guilt. Our guilt doesn’t excuse the guilt of others. Jesus didn’t ignore the woman’s sins. He forgave them. And catch his last words, “Go and sin no more.” We abuse and misuse forgiveness when we continue down the wrong path. Where might Jesus be telling you to “Go and sin no more.”
Pray: Jesus, you are the LORD and Savior of the world. May I love you and your gift as I obey you.
Thursday – Isaiah 53:4-9
All hope is not lost. God laid on Jesus, His Son, all the guilt of our sin. Separation, eternal death, hell need not be our destiny if we trust in Jesus. God had provided a way. Yet, sin still has consequences. We experience brokenness and harm here. But if we trust in God and the work of Jesus Christ, we can be made new!
Pray: LORD Jesus, you have paid an enormous price that I may be made new. I trust in you!
Friday – 1 Corinthians 5:1-13
Disobedience and sinfulness are never private matter. They always…ALWAYS…impacts others. Paul challenges the Corinthians to kick someone out of church for their sin. Is Paul being too harsh? Imagine the negative media exposure in our culture if this happened today. Paul recognizes the dangers of the Corinthian’s pride. Without significant consequences, more harm will come. Harboring or excusing sin harms ourselves and it harms the church. It damages credibility. It denies God’s holy power. Think of the harm done the Catholic church for past misdeeds and how people dismiss it now because of the cover-up. Think of our mistrust of our government because of the past misdeeds and lack of integrity of some leaders. Sin harms us and it harms the our community. In love, we must expect better from ourselves. Are you hiding or holding onto sin? Are we excusing sin? Let us repent!
Pray: Holy Spirit, convict our hearts. We have sinned! Give us courage to expose and repent!
Saturday – Matthew 9:9-13
Why weren’t the Pharisees and religious leaders attending Matthew’s party? I bet they were invited. They didn’t want to come because they thought they were better, more holy, too pure to be around such obvious sinners. “I’ve come not for the healthy but for those who know they are sick.” When we recognize our sin illness and seek forgiveness and change, we too get to attend the party with Jesus. Where do you want to be?
Pray: Holy God, you alone are perfect. I am not. Thank you for still inviting me to the party.