“#Blessed: Matthew 5:6”

#Blessed: Matthew 5:6
The Good Life isn’t counting my blessings but counting on the one who blesses.
The Good Life isn’t pain free but pain freed.
The Good Life isn’t achieved but received
The Good Life isn’t settling but setting for nothing less.
-A leak won’t stop until the container is fixed
-A container only works in right relationship to its purpose & the world around it.
-A container will eventually leak carrying corrosive fluids
What do you want more than anything?
Further Conversation
1. If you won $1,000,000 what would you be most eager to buy?
2. Read Matthew 5:6. What does it mean to hunger & thirst?
3. In John 4, Jesus encounters the Samaritan woman. What were her hunger & thirsts? Why would Jesus’ offer be appealing?
4. Reread Matthew 5:6. What is justice or Righteousness mean? .
5. Read Romans 3:23-24. How does God “right” our relationship?
6. Read Colossians 2:6-7. How do we maintain “right relationship”?
7. Read Psalm 84:10. What brought fulfillment to this writer? Why?
8. From our readings, how would you describe righteousness, or a “right relationship” to God, our purpose, & the world?
9. How does a “right relationship” get knocked out of balance? for you?
10. The Good Life isn’t settling but settling for nothing less. What do you want most in life?
11. How will it satisfy you more than a right relationship with God? Are you satisfied?
Daily Devotions: Go Deeper this Week
Monday – Joshua 1:1-9
Joshua had to be scared. Moses was one of the best leaders human history knows. Even with daily communication with God, Moses struggled to lead a stubborn, sinful, and selfish people who made everything difficult. Yet, God called Joshua. God would empower Joshua. Joshua needed to be strong and courageous simply to do what was right to lead the people. God calls us in the middle of challenging circumstances, and God asks that we be strong and courageous. What challenge lies before you? Do you trust God?
Pray: Almighty God, may I be strong and courageous, trusting in you, as you send me to do your work.
Tuesday – Matthew 4:18-22
Jesus didn’t invent disciple-making. The practice of disciples, having someone learn from you by following you, is throughout the bible. Joshua followed Moses. Elisha followed Elijah. Timothy followed Paul who followed Barnabas. Yet, Jesus guides us perfectly into what disciples do. A disciple-maker sees potential in someone and seeks to guide the person into using their gift for a bigger purpose. Jesus is gonna take fishermen and teach them to be fishers of men. A disciple responds to the invitation by following. Have we allowed others to guide us? Who are we guiding? In who do we see potential?
Pray: LORD Jesus, thank you that you see potential in me. Help me be guided and help me to guide.
Wednesday – 1 Kings 19:15-21
Elijah was an influential prophet in Israel. How could anyone follow in Elijah’s footsteps? God sent Elijah to Elisha, so that Elisha could grow into the role Elijah occupied. Elijah apprenticed Elisha. Another way of saying this is that Elisha became Elijah’s disciple. We train others in the faith as we mentor, apprentice, and disciple them. Who have you invited to follow you?
Pray: Heavenly Father, thank you that you love us and send us to love and lead others.
Thursday – Ruth 1:1-19
Ruth refuses to leave Naomi’s side. One of the most powerful statements in this book is verse 16, “Where ever you go, I will go…Your people will be my people and your God will be my God.” Why do you think Ruth was willing to make such a bold proclamation? Ruth became Naomi’s disciple. What would it take for you to follow someone like Ruth did? How could you be a Naomi for someone?
Pray: Holy LORD, you are my God and you have led me. Help me love and lead others.
Friday – 2 Timothy 1:3-14
People often come and go in our lives. Our world has become increasingly mobile, meaning long-term influence and relationships are harder and harder to maintain. Our challenge is to make the most of our opportunities to love and lead others while we have them, knowing that tomorrow may be very different. Paul invited Timothy to follow him. Acts 16:1-5 shares the invitation. For a season of time, Timothy shadowed Paul on his ministry journeys. Then things changed. Timothy now pastors a church while Paul sits in prison. This letter shares the heart of a disciple-maker to his/her disciple. Even thought it is different now, Paul still wants to love and lead. Sense Paul’s compassion and joy in Timothy. Hear the heartfelt wisdom. What would it mean for you to receive a letter like this from someone? How might you offer someone this type of guidance and encouragement?
Pray: Holy Spirit, lead me to those whom I can love and lead. Help me offer my life as a guide to others.
Saturday – 1 Corinthians 11:1
Its only one verse, one statement. Yet packed into these few words is the essence of disciple-making. Although we teach disciples, discipling is more than teaching. Although we encourage and challenge, discipling is more than that. Discipling is living life with someone, allowing them to watch you as you do what you are called to do. As Paul says, discipling is allowing others to follow you while you follow Jesus. Who follows you?.
Pray: Heavenly Father, may I alway l follow you with a passion that encourages others to follow me.